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Here are some examples of what we're good at. From Key Notes to year long programs, we will build a solution that works best for you and your team.

Leadership Development Programs

Great leaders build trust, break down organizational silos, improve morale and strengthen company cultures. Our suite of services focuses on the concept of collective leadership – teaching leaders to recognize, foster and pool strengths from the collective with the goal of creating the best, healthiest company possible.

Mental Health Training for Leaders

Breaking down stigma, having good conversations and making your employees feel psychologically safe are all important leadership skills in every workplace. Make a difference today and get the tools you need to lead a mentally wealthy workplace!

Mindfulness and Resilience Workshops

Deepen your presence as a leader and learn how to tap into powerful reserves of energy, creativity, and fluid intelligence. ​​Understand your emotions and use them to bring you closer to your personal and team goals. Discover your capacity for deeper compassion, clarity, and courage. 


Unbook Club - Online Course

Love to Learn? But are a Busy Leader without time to dedicate to additional learning? Here is your solution to upleveling your Leadership Skills while we do the work of reading the books and sharing the knowledge with you and a community of others like you!

Leadership Development Programs

  1. Leadership Mindset– Exploring what you already have and what you need to move forward through the use of assessments
  2. Leadership Skill Set– Learning what leadership models are relevant to you and your organization and the skills required to be a courageous, inspiring leader
  3. Apply to Culture– Through exercises and activities, make your learnings come alive and applicable to your work culture
  4. Practice– Real behaviour change begins once class is over. Reinforce new behaviour and skills through peer coaching groups and action learning initiatives

Mental Health Training for Leaders

  1. Prevent the disabling effects of depression, anxiety and substance abuse in the workplace through improved early detection, intervention and effective performance management.
  2. Create an environment that is supportive to those living with mental health issues.
  3. Reduce production losses associated with employee absence.
  4. Promote greater awareness of mental issues to reduce associated stigma and discriminatory behaviours.

Mindfulness and Resilience Workshops and Training

Walk away with a clear understanding of how mindfulness influences Kouzes and Posner's 5 key leadership practices.

1. Model the way: Know yourself

2. Inspiring a shared vision: Communicating through storytelling

3. Disrupting mindsets: innovate teams to move beyond the norm

4. Enabling others to act: empowering your team for results

5. Encouraging the heart: creating safe workspace to bring authenticity out.

Most importantly, you will become the kind of leader the world needs more of: a leader who's calm presence brings coherence to chaos, a leader who cuts through fear and ambiguity and has the mental stamina to combat workplace burnout and negativity.

Find out more about how StarlingBrook can help you and your team today.


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