Helping Leaders Build Mental Wealth in their Workplace

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Christine Burych is a top tier leadership consultant and executive coach who enables leaders to create collaborative, productive and mentally healthy workplaces that everyone wants be part of. She has helped more than 8,000 senior leaders in 50 big name companies get past their blind spots, improve mental resilience and grow their leadership presence in the best possible ways.

Christine worked with the rapidly expanding Porter Airlines to develop their employee commitment statement and roll out corporate social responsibility initiatives, multi-year leadership programs and crucially, an employee innovation strategy that gets ideas from the ground to executives. She helped Canada Post to shift their culture to a focus on psychological health and safety.


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What is Mental Wealth?

Christine's personal message to you.

Most of us strive to achieve wealth in our personal lives and at work. We celebrate an abundance of knowledge, finances and capital and yet, striving to achieve mental health is often put to the side or avoided all together. For years, mental health and the discussion surrounding it has been attached to stigma but our minds, much like the rest of our lives, need and deserve to be wealthy. By achieving mental wealth we improve our ability to concentrate, problem solve, have better sleeping patterns, sharper thought processes, and regulate our emotions. Aiming to improve our mental health to a state of mental wealth aids our growth and success.  Peak mental health is wealth.

Some Of Our Clients

"Thanks again so much for everything you provided us throughout the course. As I mentioned, it was the best course I’ve ever participated in and I learned so many valuable tools that I can apply both personally and professionally. I left Friday with a huge smile on my face and felt so positive and re-energized."

Lori, Porter Airlines

"Christine's leadership and management training stuck with me; it now influences how I engage with people inside and out of the office, and even in my personal relationships. Her approach uses empathy and self awareness that are invaluable tools to understand context and different perspectives. The experience helped me understand the responsibilities I have as a leader; providing the pillars to guide me to ensure I'm showing up for myself, and those around me."


Leadership Development Programs That Enhance Your Mental Capacity


Psychological safety is a necessary component of any great work culture. Customized programs set the foundation for a mentally resilient workplace


People only see what you do, not why you do it.  Leaders need to be strong and intentional with their behaviour and communicate the "WHY" behind the actions.  Coaching shines a spotlight on leadership behaviours that get the intended results.  


Our action-learning programs will help your leaders overcome mental obstacles while simultaneously altering their problem-solving and thought processes, allowing them to achieve their leadership potential.


Complimentary Webinar!

Working from home sounds like fun until you have to do it without the opportunity to socialize and connect with others OUTSIDE of your home. Going out for coffee is a luxury now and hard to come by. Just yesterday my partner and I went out for a walk just so we could see other human beings. Don’t worry- we did our physical distancing from those we saw on the trails. In fact, some people took it so seriously they were afraid to make eye contact! 

And if you are working at home with others at home as well, it might be difficult to focus on what you need given the many demands.  Emotions start to run high.  

To help smooth your transition to working remotely while managing many priorities, I would like to invite you to a complimentary webinar on Thursday March 26th from 11am-12pm, where we’ll discuss regulating emotions while working from home.  This is for you, your partner, spouse and even kids if they’re old enough to sit through it! 

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