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Helping Leaders Support Mental Health

Our online courses and leadership development training programs give you the tools and knowledge you need to make a change in your workplace.

Leadership Programs Online Courses

Workplace Mental Health

Upgrade your work culture with customized programs that set the foundation for a mentally resilient workplace.

Executive Coaching

Coaching shines a spotlight on leadership behaviours that get the right results and helps leaders communicate the intent of their actions.

Leadership Development

Helping leaders achieve their leadership potential by overcoming mental obstacles, altering their problem-solving, and improving thought processes.

Post Traumatic Job Disorder Research Findings

Are you experiencing Post Traumatic Job Disorder? Download the latest independent research findings to find out more.

What is Mental Wealth?

We celebrate an abundance of knowledge, finances, and capital and yet, striving to achieve mental health is often put to the side or avoided altogether. By achieving mental wealth we improve our ability to concentrate, problem-solve, have better-sleeping patterns, sharper thought processes, and regulate our emotions. Aiming to improve our mental health to a state of mental wealth aids our growth and success.

Peak mental health is wealth.

Online Courses

Our Online Courses help you become the best people leader you can be. Set your own pace, work from home or on the go, and develop your skills!

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

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Creating Mental Wealth in Organizations

Learn how to improve performance, decrease absenteeism, recognize mental health issues, and create a supportive work environment.  

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About Christine

Christine Burych is the founder of Starlingbrook Leadership and a top tier leadership consultant and executive coach. She enables leaders to create collaborative, productive and mentally healthy workplaces.

Over the last 10+ years, she has helped more than 18,000 senior leaders in 50 big name companies get past their blind spots, improve mental resilience and grow their leadership presence in the best possible ways.

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Some Of Our Clients

About Starlingbrook

Starlingbrook has worked with Fortune 100 companies such as PepsiCo, as well as industry leaders such as Bell Canada, Staples, Canada Post, Cochlear, and Porter. 

Christine and Starlingbrook helped the rapidly expanding Porter Airlines to develop their employee commitment statement and roll out corporate social responsibility initiatives, multi-year leadership programs and a crucial employee innovation strategy that gets ideas from the ground to executives.

"Thanks again so much for everything you provided us throughout the course. As I mentioned, it was the best course I’ve ever participated in and I learned so many valuable tools that I can apply both personally and professionally. I left Friday with a huge smile on my face and felt so positive and re-energized."

Porter Airlines

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