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How to Build the Business Case for Mental Health Training and Support in the Workplace - Webinar

Do you and you leadership team recognize the importance of creating mentally safe workplaces but don't know how to build the business case to get the $$$ to fund your initiatives? If so - this webinar is a MUST attend in order to build the business case for your leadership team.

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Mental Health in the Workplace - Debunking Common Mental Health Myths - Webinar

As People Leaders, it's important to know how to handle myths surrounding Mental Health in the Workplace. Myth #1: People with mental health disorders can't work a full work load. Myth #2: As People Leaders, we aren't allowed to call employees who are off on mental health leave.

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8 Tips for Leaders on How to Deal with Mental Health in the Workplace

Have you been looking to learn some ways to better support your team in times of Mental Health Need? Here is your chance to learn those 8 Tips! Check out this course today!

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Regulating Emotions While Working From Home

Struggling to find peace while stuck in your house? Get the tips from Christine on how best to deal with the stress and challenges that come with working from home!

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~Mental Health in the Workplace ~ Executive Coaching ~Leadership Development.  We offer onsite and online coaching, training and more!

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