Resiliency and Hope

Our fundraising initiatives continues. What started as the Teddy Bear & Shelter Campaign is now the House of Hope. During the spring, volunteers were busy transforming this former bakery into apartments for displaced Ukrainians staying in Auschwitz, Poland.

Now that we have families safely living at House of Hope, the next segment of our efforts is to support the daily physical and psychological needs of those refugees.

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Some Details about the House of Hope & Our Initiative...

Currently, there are 20 people living at the House of Hope. It's been wonderful to see, but we also realize the magnitude of continued services required.
In the common area, we'd like to create a space where people can connect, learn and heal. For the kids, we'd like them to have access to computers so they can connect with schools to continue their education & stay in touch friends and family back in Ukraine. For the adults, we'd like them to be able to continue to work remotely to help support their families.
In an effort to help heal, we are working with counselors who speak Ukrainian and Russian to provide emotional first aid and support. We've also brought teachers to teach Polish in an effort to help people be more self-sufficient when they leave the House of Hope.

With each initiative we begin, we realize there is a next step to take.


Here is what we are fundraising for:
1. 20 computers for people to use in the common room (cost: $20,000USD)
2. 2 printers ($1000USD)
3. Supplies for the house (food, bedding, towels, toiletries) ($10,000USD per month)
4. Amenities for the house (heat, hydro, internet, water etc) ($4,000USD per month)
5. Facilitators and Teachers ($2,000USD per month)
We appreciate your desire to donate computers/electronics from North America, but aside from the regulations and limitations around Nina or I personally bringing goods into the country, European electronics do not have the same keyboards or outlets.
In addition, we'd like to support the Polish economy as they are bearing the brunt of 4 million Ukrainian refugees. 
Nina and I will be going to Poland to personally oversee this initiative. Please join us live on September 21 for the International Day of Peace where we will be broadcasting from the House of Hope and you'll be able to meet and connect with the Ukrainian families you're directly impacted through this initiative. 

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