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What is Unleash Her About?

This book is about helping women unleash their power within. Many women are wrestling with so many negative emotions like fear, guilt, trauma, doubt, anger, jealousy, and are further held back because of people pleasing, excuses, limiting beliefs, and unhealthy habits.

Our book, Unleash Her, aims to teach women to allow healing, love, forgiveness, self-care, gratitude, hope, and healthy habits to flow into their lives.

Order Your Digital  & Paperback Copy on Amazon!


Hi! I'm Christine

My area of expertise is the psychology of leadership, so my chapter in this book is all about how to stop your 9-year-old self from running the show. This concept surrounds your 5 limiting beliefs, and through this chapter I hope you can get insight on which of the limiting beliefs you hold and how to consciously take back control to unleash yourself and be the best version of yourself you can be!

Take Aways from My Chapter:

  • Lesson 1:  Recognize when you are too comfortable

  • Lesson 2:  Ask for Help

  • Lesson 3:  Losing something may be your greatest way to finding something

  • Extras:      Diving Deeper into Limiting Beliefs & their impact.

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The Broken Culture


Aside from the actual experiences that result to trauma, today's culture makes it harder for women to come into their own selves - without the influence of a society that either clings to the past or glamorizes unrealistic standards.


There is a constant narrative in the things women see, watch, listen, and read on supposed expectations from the way we should look, how we should act, and our relationships. 


To this we say...

Enough is Enough

Myself and 29 Inspiring Women from different walks of life share it ALL. From the traumas they have, the struggles it caused in their lives, and the steps they took to overcome everything.

 This is not just some motivational book. This is real and unfiltered sh*t. At the end of it, you will realize how much power you have inside of you. 

 You will be equipped with the right mindset, tools, and knowledge to unleash YOUR POWER to live a life according to your design - unencumbered by fears, traumas, and judgement from others.

 If these women did it, YOU CAN TOO!


Order Your Digital & Paperback Copy on Amazon!