A Part of the Strategies for Resilience Series of Workshops:

Join this transformative 2-hour workshop designed to equip leaders with the tools and strategies needed to effectively manage the impact of change in the workplace.  


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About the Workshop

During this workshop, participants will learn to identify both work and personal challenges affecting employees, and understand their own struggles with change as leaders.

Through interactive exercises and small group discussions, participants will have the chance to connect with peers across various industries, fostering networking opportunities and shared learning experiences. Additionally, all attendees will receive a copy of the presentation and training materials for continued reflection and implementation beyond the workshop.

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The Facilitator:
Marta Burych, MSW, RSW

She has cultivated a diverse portfolio, working in a fertility clinic before transitioning to a decades-long career in Employee Assistance, where she specialized in mental health counselling and trauma debriefings. She honed her profound understanding of how change impacts both employees and management within organizations during this period. Transitioning to private practice, Marta broadened her scope to encompass diverse mental health challenges, from anxiety and depression to stress, grief, life transitions, and relationship issues. 

Marta's diverse educational background, which includes Bachelor degrees in Applied Science—Family and Consumer Studies from the University of Guelph and Social Work from York University, along with a Masters of Social Work from the University of Toronto, coupled with her extensive practical experience, positions her as a trusted guide in navigating mental health and workplace transitions.

What You Will Take Away

Join us at the "Strategies for Resilient Leadership" workshop to discover practical insights and strategies designed to bolster your leadership in the face of change. In this interactive and empowering session, you'll gain:

  1. A Deeper Understanding of Change's Impact on Mental Well-being: Explore the profound effects that organizational and personal change can have on mental health. Learn how to recognize the signs of stress and burnout in yourself and your team, ensuring a healthier work environment for all.

  2. Skills to Recognize and Address Employee Anxiety: Develop the ability to identify anxiety in your employees and discover effective methods to address it. Gain insights into creating a supportive atmosphere that acknowledges and tackles the roots of anxiety, promoting a culture of openness and support.

  3. Strategies to Support Employees During Times of Change: Equip yourself with the tools and strategies necessary to support your team effectively through transitions. Learn how to communicate changes clearly, provide the support needed for your team to adapt, and maintain morale and productivity, even in challenging times.

This workshop will not only enhance your leadership resilience but also empower you to lead with empathy and understanding, fostering a robust and supportive team environment.

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Join this transformative 2-hour workshop designed to equip leaders with the tools and strategies needed to effectively manage the impact of change in the workplace.

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