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How to Build Your Business With A Network

So you’re ready to go out there and start your own business as a solo-preneur but not quite sure where to begin. Well, to start, it really is all about who you know. 

If you’re fresh out of school or just starting out, start with building up your street cred. Unlike brands that are selling a product, services are very different because you’re selling yourself. If you have nothing yet, start off with reputable existing businesses or volunteer with one and learn. As you’re building yourself, get testimonials. Measure how successfully you’ve impacted every client. Get feedback and course-correct. Find out from your clients how you’re benefiting them and how you’re not. Take on any project you can, each of them will help you establish more credibility. Partner up with people who know what they’re doing. Learn from other people.

Before you go out on your own, you should have at least 100 solid network leads that you can leverage and at...

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Worried About Giving Impactful Feedback? Here’s how it’s hurting your business.

Imagine, you check your email to see a message from your boss. It reads; “Hey, do you have time today to chat? I have some feedback to give and things I want to talk to you about.” 

What’s your first reaction?

I can bet it’s along the lines of, “Oh no. Something must be wrong. I must have done something wrong.”

Feedback. Why is it when we approach the subject of feedback, whether it be from a leader’s or employee’s perspective, that it brings us so much stress and anxiety?

Well, the answer goes deeper than you think.

Neurologically, we as human beings have been hardwired to minimize danger and threat from the beginning. It’s what’s allowed us to survive as a species. Within the limbic system of our brain, the amygdala, the one in charge of regulating our emotions, is what kicks in when our body receives a possible threat. When exposed to possible threats, your body stops thinking and starts reacting. Your...

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Leaders need to prepare for the next abnormal

In March 2020, the world changed overnight. And with it changed what’s expected of leaders. In just two months, we saw countless examples of good and bad leadership, as people leaders struggled to keep their teams safe, cohesive, and productive. The pandemic required them to have non-binary and non-traditional responses to problem-solving, to demonstrate and communicate with empathy, and to prioritize with clarity. Tough decisions and juggling targets made many a leader step back and realize how unprepared they were for this new way of work. And how they wish they’d had more training to meet the seemingly unsurmountable workplace challenges, head-on.

Pre-COVID, leadership development was already ripe for disruption. Now, while countries and companies are crawling towards reopening, it behooves organizations to take a hard look at how they train and develop their leaders.  

It is vital to listen to what leaders are saying, and how they are perceiving the development...

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