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The Challenges of Scaling Virtual Trainings

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2023

Leadership Coaches Christine Burych and Greg Zlevor chat about the challenges of scaling virtual trainings in today's world.

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Prosilience #4: Unfinished Business - Linda Hoopes

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2022

Energy Leaks

Last week I helped throw a party honoring the end of a sailing club that actually shut down more than a year ago. Although it was a lovely event, my main feeling was one of relief at finally getting it done and crossing it off my list. This got me thinking about Dr. Bluma Zeigarnik. I’ll get back to her in a minute.

How many “works in progress” are on your list? What activities have you begun but not finished? Books you have started or put on your reading pile, incomplete projects that are sitting in a drawer or computer file someplace, plans you’ve made that are still on the “someday” list, emails you’ve filed to read later that are still sitting in your inbox…whether you’re aware of it or not, these things continue to consume small amounts of your personal energy, creating a slow drain on your available resources. That’s where Dr. Zeigarnik comes in. Her research found that incomplete tasks are easier...

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When the going gets tough, how do you get going? - A Key's To Life On Earth Blog Post

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2021



I recently took a Resilience assessment.

I love assessments. I always go in to them thinking they will reveal something about me that will explain everything, give me the instruction to living I’ve been missing all my life and I will live happily ever after.

Hey. A girl can dream.

The assessment, developed by Resilience Alliance and administered by StarlingBrook Leadership Consulting, measures seven characteristics (or muscles) that resilient people draw on when faced with challenging and stressful situations.


The seven are:

Positivity – Resilient individuals effectively identify opportunities in turbulent environments.

Confidence – Resilient individuals believe they can succeed in the face of uncertainty.

Priorities – Resilient individuals have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and use this as a guide when they become disoriented.

Creativity – Resilient individuals generate a wide range of ideas and approaches for...

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What to Expect in our 2021 Awaken The Leader Masterclass

Uncategorized Dec 24, 2020

As 2020 comes to a close (thank god, right?) and we focus on a new year ahead, this is normally when we start making resolutions and setting new goals. But if there is one thing we have learned from 2020, is that our connections with others are truly one of the most beneficial aspects of our lives. Friends, family, coworkers, peers, and just about anyone else you used to physically interact with daily shape you. Going at life alone is simply harder. So why not use the same logic with your resolutions and goals?

Within all of us are blockers and preconceived notions that hinder our growth. By uncovering the patterns that are holding us back, we reveal our best potential. Let us help you do this with our global five-month Awaken The Leader Masterclass that is designed to help leaders advance to the next level.

So what do I do to help you? Well to start, I personally love the one-on-one coaching sessions I have with each participant in this masterclass to zero in on who you are and...

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How to Build Your Business With A Network

So you’re ready to go out there and start your own business as a solo-preneur but not quite sure where to begin. Well, to start, it really is all about who you know. 

If you’re fresh out of school or just starting out, start with building up your street cred. Unlike brands that are selling a product, services are very different because you’re selling yourself. If you have nothing yet, start off with reputable existing businesses or volunteer with one and learn. As you’re building yourself, get testimonials. Measure how successfully you’ve impacted every client. Get feedback and course-correct. Find out from your clients how you’re benefiting them and how you’re not. Take on any project you can, each of them will help you establish more credibility. Partner up with people who know what they’re doing. Learn from other people.

Before you go out on your own, you should have at least 100 solid network leads that you can leverage and at...

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Zoom Exhaustion is Real - A Post by Mindful.org

covid covid19 leadership Sep 23, 2020

Zoom Exhaustion is real, and in this article by Steve Hickman, Psy.D, and executive director of the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion, we learn 6 ways to stay connected in this time of disconnect.

Take some time before your calls to ground yourself, greet those in the room, and resist the urge to pick up your phone and multitask.


You can read the full article here: https://www.mindful.org/zoom-exhaustion-is-real-here-are-six-ways-to-find-balance-and-stay-connected/


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Worried About Giving Impactful Feedback? Here’s how it’s hurting your business.

Imagine, you check your email to see a message from your boss. It reads; “Hey, do you have time today to chat? I have some feedback to give and things I want to talk to you about.” 

What’s your first reaction?

I can bet it’s along the lines of, “Oh no. Something must be wrong. I must have done something wrong.”

Feedback. Why is it when we approach the subject of feedback, whether it be from a leader’s or employee’s perspective, that it brings us so much stress and anxiety?

Well, the answer goes deeper than you think.

Neurologically, we as human beings have been hardwired to minimize danger and threat from the beginning. It’s what’s allowed us to survive as a species. Within the limbic system of our brain, the amygdala, the one in charge of regulating our emotions, is what kicks in when our body receives a possible threat. When exposed to possible threats, your body stops thinking and starts reacting. Your...

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Leaders need to prepare for the next abnormal

In March 2020, the world changed overnight. And with it changed what’s expected of leaders. In just two months, we saw countless examples of good and bad leadership, as people leaders struggled to keep their teams safe, cohesive, and productive. The pandemic required them to have non-binary and non-traditional responses to problem-solving, to demonstrate and communicate with empathy, and to prioritize with clarity. Tough decisions and juggling targets made many a leader step back and realize how unprepared they were for this new way of work. And how they wish they’d had more training to meet the seemingly unsurmountable workplace challenges, head-on.

Pre-COVID, leadership development was already ripe for disruption. Now, while countries and companies are crawling towards reopening, it behooves organizations to take a hard look at how they train and develop their leaders.  

It is vital to listen to what leaders are saying, and how they are perceiving the development...

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7 Ways Leaders Can Champion Their Team’s Mental Health In A Virtual World

Today, employees and employers, the world over, are learning, to many a surprise, that working from home can be just as mutually beneficial, as working from the confines of office cubicles. Several might wager that remote work has exponentially increased their levels of productivity and personal accountability.

On the flip side, COVID-19 has mandated stay at home rules that can make remote working conditions extremely isolating for employees, especially when work and personal/family demands are bleeding into each other. Boundaries of work have become blurry.

If you’re a leader who was used to walking through the halls of your organization or your manufacturing plant where you'd see people on a regular basis, or you’d have morning huddles or discussions, this world of remote work has been challenging for you. The challenge comes from the inability to see your team daily, or just feel connected to what people are working on. A big piece of that challenge is also being able...

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